Best Nail Clippers for Nail Fungus

The one thing you have to do before applying any treatment for your nail fungus is to trim down your nail.  I found these amazing clippers recently and love them.  With my thickened toenail, I struggled using regular toenail clippers.  My regular toenail clippers didn’t open up far enough for me to safely clip my toe nail.

You can find this style of clippers on Amazon.  I found my set for around $12.00.  Of course prices vary based on which seller you buy from and design.

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This dual spring toenail clippers is designed for thick and ingrown toenails.  They have contoured non-slip handles to help increase leverage and power to easily cut through your nail.  The springs can be flipped out to use and flipped back to put away.  The additional tool that came with my clippers is called a nail lifter.  This is used to help to better assist in trimming your toenail if you need it.  Especially for ingrown toenails.

After each use, please wipe down the clippers w/ alcohol to clean them clean and prevent spreading of your nail fungus to your hands and other toes.

I solely use these clippers on my infected toes.  That keeps me from trying to use the regular clippers that my family uses and help to prevent spreading to them as well as my other toes.

If you are struggling to trim down your infected toenail, I would highly recommend a pair of clippers like this one.  Amazon has many options for trimming thick nails.

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Please check out my homepage where I do a review of Zetaclear nail fungus remover.  It’s an effective treatment for clearing up your nail fungus.

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